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X-Power Powerbank Family
High-Value Brushed Surface
High Quality Lithium Polymer 5.000 mAh, 10.000 mAh
Smart Charging 2.4A, PD 3.0, QC 3.0

X-Power Powerbank Family is a new series of Powerbank of ISONTECK in 2018, it has a cool brushed surface and a dynamic capacity LED display.
The capacity is available in 2.4A 5.000 mAh, 2.4A 10.00 mAh and PD3.0 18W 10.000 mAh. 

Comfortable Charging

Comfortable Charging With Universal Charging Cable;

PD3.0 & QC 3.0 Fast Charging;

Compact Size with High-Quality Lithium Polymer 10,000 mAh;

Safe, Comfortable, Fast and Sufficient Power.

Cooling Power Gaming Handle

Multi Purpose, Cooling Dock+Powerbank+Gaming Handle+Phone Stand;

Noiseless Illuminating Fan;

Up to 5 Hours Longer Playing Time;

Cool Gaming Atmosphere Light.

MegaFix Wireless Charging Mount

Place & Charge in the Car, No Effort Needed;

Magnetic Field Compliant to WPC Qi 1.2.4 Specification;

4x 3600 Gauss Magnets, Strong Enough for Any Road Condition;

Fast Charging Up to 10W.

We Are Doing Technology in Vogue!
ISONTECK is your reliable and trust-able partner for IT product OEM production and ODM development in China. It is ISONTECK‘s wish to provide creative and high-quality IT products that can improve people‘s lifestyle, so from the very beginning ISONTECK is founded, we have been keeping focus on designing and developping product that look brilliant, use easily & friendly and quality good. ISONTECK provides various of 3C products (especially peripherals for Smartphone), eg: Power Bank, Wireless Charger, Multimedia Product.
ISONTECK delivers safe charging products powered by our V-GUARD protections. V-Guard is a safety system we are using in our smart and fast charging powerbanks, it ensures complete charging safety for the smartphones and tablets and most importantly, the users. V-Guard is more than a good battery we are using, it also means multi protection from control chip, ICs on board and comprehensive test and other quality assurance during production.
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